Showcase Landscaping | Discover Our Core Values: Commitment to Excellence in Landscaping
Explore our commitment to excellence in landscaping. Premier residential & commercial services in Greater Vancouver. Year-round care for lush, green grounds.
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Core Values

As a premier residential and commercial landscaping service in Greater Vancouver, Showcase Landscaping is committed to planting, nurturing, and maintaining beautiful grounds with minimal impact on the environment. We employ a crew of dedicated landscaping technicians providing year-round service to keep your lawn lush and green and your grounds clean, safe, and attractive.

The secret to success is that we operate our business in a manner that reflects our core values.

Core Values That Motivate Us At Showcase Landscaping

Sustainable practices

We achieve great landscaping results while keeping in mind the environmental impact of our every action. That’s why we rely on organic fertilizers and the safest pesticides available. We use mowing techniques that recycle grass clippings. In designing landscaping for your property, we test the fertility of your soil, prevent erosion by proper grading and through the use of mulches and compost, and devise irrigation systems that use minimum amounts of water. The practices we use comply with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles promoted by the Canadian Building Counsel.comment nettoyer une coque de telephone transparented-brand phone casesideal of sweden handyhülle

Professional staff

Our employees are our secret weapon. Trained in the most up-to-date, sustainable landscaping practices, our crew is reliable, hard working, and efficient. We show up on time and do a professional job, whether you are a homeowner due for a grass cutting or a corporate representative in search of a landscaping contractor who can maintain extensive grounds.


The landscaping and hardscaping features we design for your home are artful as well as sustainable. When you want plantings, gardens, a pool, patio, or other features, Showcase Landscaping offers you the creative solutions for location, features, and design that will complement your home or business and respect the environment.


We strive to meet your landscape and hardscape needs with realistic designs that fit within your budget and vision. After presenting the designs, we work with you to ensure our suggestions match your tastes and preferences. Designs are then revised to meet your expectations. We welcome your feedback to ensure the job is done to your specifications, in line with the high standards we hold ourselves to in every job.


When we work with you, we employ ethical business practices in dealing with you our customers, vendors, and employees. We do everything to offer cost-effective solutions and complete our work within budget and according to the specifications you have signed off on. You can depend on all the representatives of our company to treat you fairly and honestly.

Vancouver Lawn Care Services

Showcase Landscaping offers outstanding, sustainable year-round services throughout Greater Vancouver designed to beautify your property while making it safe.

Call us today for professional services you can trust.  778-242-5887