Mini-Excavation Services Vancouver | Grading & Trenching
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Mini-Excavation, Grading & Trenching Solutions In The Greater Vancouver Area

Showcase Landscaping offers mini excavation and bobcat services. Our experienced machine operators specialize in new pad construction; trenching and small-scale demolition of sheds, garages, and fences. Our services also include but are not limited to: land clearing, pool excavation and large stump removal.

Improve Drainage With Mini-Excavation

One of the most common uses for excavation is to improve drainage around a building or around natural features such as hillsides. When soil is unstable or your lot is poorly graded, water can damage a building’s foundation, causing erosion, water leaks and structural damage. Excavation services can make quick work of adding drainage systems using perforated pipe outlets, french drains, or swales to redirect the water away to a suitable outlet.

Preparing For Landscape & Hardscape Projects

Prior to site excavation, Showcase Landscaping takes all the necessary precautions to achieving a safe working environment. This involves mapping out all hazardous areas and making the appropriate calls to locate any underground utilities.


Once a safety meeting is complete and utilities are located we begin clearing and grading your property. This may include removing any hazardous tree stumps, unwanted large boulders or overgrown areas. After preparing the grounds we can then work to achieve your new outdoor living space. Our lineup of mini-excavators allow us to access tight spaces with ease.


Our full list of mini-excavation and bobcat services can be seen below.

Mini-Excavation Services

Showcase Landscaping provides mini-excavation services throughout the Greater Vancouver area for projects such as:

  • General excavating
  • Installation of drainage solutions – french drains, swales, and berms
  • Driveway, patio and walkway demolition
  • Deck & fence demolition
  • Pad construction
  • Flail mowing to control grass and vegetation in areas that can’t be mowed with a regular mower

  • Grading of uneven or poorly sloped land
  • Light trucking of soil, sand and gravel
  • Preparation and installation of retaining walls
  • Replacing backfill in construction projects
  • Swimming pool demolition and excavation
  • Tree stump removal

Mini-Excavation For Residential And Commercial Customers

Showcase Landscaping offers mini-excavation services for residential and commercial customers for a variety of landscaping and hardscaping projects.

Contact us at 778.242.5887 for a free on-site evaluation

and estimate for your excavation project.